EVENT LISTINGS: Sat May 1st, Yugioh Shinning Darkness Sneak Peck & MTG Zendikar Block Draft.


Yugioh advanced constructed every Wed. 3:15pm $5.00 cost Turbo packs for prizes.
April 30, FNM 5:35pm Booster Draft $12.00


Sat.May 1. 12pm (noon) Yugioh SHINNING DARKNESS SNEAK PEAK sealed deck $20.00.  We may have a second flight at 3pm if there are 8 players or more.

Sat. May 1, 12:30pm Zendikar block draft (Zendikar, WorldWake, Eldrazi) $15 w/ 2 Eldrazi pks anti/player.  Top finisher will also get a WorldWake playmat provided by Wizards. I know this block does not mix just curious to see what would happen and who is the most creative   

May 7, FNM 5:35pm Booster Draft $12.00 Eldrazi
May 14, FNM 5:35pm Booster Draft $12.00 Eldrazi
May 21, FNM 5:35pm Sealed Draft $20.00 Eldrazi
Sat. May 22, WPN Local Championship San Juan Standard Constructed. more info coming soon….  
May 28, FNM 5:35pm Standard Constructed $5.00
Sat. May 29,  MTG Legacy Constructed (event change) $13.00. 16k sanctioned event.  Prizes stacked toward the top.  


FNM starts at 5:35pm.  All FNM events capped at 4 – 40 minute rounds.***(unless noted)
It is 5:35pm so players can use tow zone street parking if desired.
The dates, times, and events of all tournaments are subject to change.  Please call the store ph. 808-533-4886, if you have any questions. Minimum 8 players for MTG DCI sanctioned events and 4 for UDE WOW events.

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